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stop looking at the sadness rectangle, alli

Deep dives into old journal entries today; truly wild foreshadowing in there lol

giddy, restless, elated, caffeinated, anticipatory, productive, improving, refining, prepared, positive, creative?!?, driven, ready.

selfie, ec 

wearing my nice earrings for the first time today! benefits of finally having the original studs I had finally loosening up enough to remove lol

couldn't get back to sleep after all, I've been trying, but still feeling comfortable and happy in bed

I have learned three different things in the last two weeks and that's pretty cool

I got the new Wingspan expansion. That'll be fun when the opportunity presents itself to play it. Rules make it sound really really good.

And like this isn't a negative thing! This is just an "I have a zillion things that are competing for my attention" thing

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Whew, concentrating is difficult today! Which is a little frustrating because I have things I need to concentrate on.

Another good day. Feeling positive about the coming week.

selfie, no eye contact, πŸ”πŸ†— 

looks nice with filter

She was so hungry but also didn't want to let me out of the shower

today in addition to the aforementioned dmv trip I have also cleaned both the living room and the back of my car. productivity!

gonna make an effort in actually sharing my positivity more here I think

benefit of getting zap needles stuck in my face during the pandemic is that i get to wear a mask if I have to go out while the scabs are still therel

Shame it was a government building and sometimes people don't have a sense of humor or I would have broken out the "oh no he's dead I killed him" line

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(thankfully once the confusion was sorted through none of these forms were actually necessary)

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like yeah no problem I can get that done right here at the window lmao

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