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it's pride month and it's worth remembering that the modern LGBT community and the Pride movement owes a whole fucking lot to BIPOC folks and it's important to be cognizant of that

especially in this climate, amplify black and brown voices. give to bail funds if you have the means with these protests happening it's important that those of us who are privileged are supporting folks on the front lines resisting police violence and inequality.

black lives matter.

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if the only thing that defines queer community is shared experiences of oppression when everyone is liberated queer community becomes obsolete. If the thing that defines queer community or lesbian community or trans community or all community is shared experiences of joy and life then more people are invited to the party, ya, but also then even when everyone is liberated we still get to love each other and nothing dissolves. everything is fine.

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Why is it that "doing the right thing" recently makes me feel actively worse? literally cried myself to sleep four of the last five nights

building upcoming stuff up in my head like it'll offer magic solutions even when I know it's a mistake to

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just gonna fall asleep and hope tomorrow goes remotely positively. any luck, this time next week at least SOMETHING will have moved positively...i hope. one day at a time

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I wish many things were different and it being Sunday is one of those things


right now I'm thinking about how this was a desperate subconscious effort to cheer myself up and now that I've seen it for what it is it's wildly unlikely to succeed

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there's a drive through, I have a mask, I don't have to interact with anyone on the way there or back

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I'm almost 200 miles away from the closest one and more and more I'm feeling that that really isn't gonna stop me from going this weekend

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can't get culver's out of my head augh

stumbling around the house because I somehow managed to forget to put my glasses on when I got out of the shower

got to do a little computer touch tonight which was nice as it had been a while

satisfactory is a great game but a bad way to de-stress because there is so much thinking involved, which is why I haven't played it in like four days now

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it's not really programming if you're not wearing programming socks

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I'm to the point where I had to put my phone across the house for four hours because every time the outlook new email buzz went off my heart jumped directly into my throat and that probably wasn't a very good sign

40 minute run today. i didnt stop but i wanted to. humidity was so bad.

96% humidity today. Maybe that's why I was a minute per mile off my best pace. YIKES.

I could do without the emotional whipsawing from "doing great" to "not doing great at all actually" recently but idk how to fix it rn

I'm to the point where I'm able to look in the mirror and think "dang I'm hot" most times now, and that's pretty neat

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