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stop looking at the sadness rectangle, alli

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Dendrite 0.4.1 is out with massive state resolution performance improvements, memory improvements and room v7 (knocking!) support. Read all about it at and help us test!!

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It was hard for me to tell how serious the Audacity stuff was

but the original version of this comment (see edit history) is a threat of deportation and insinuation that if they don't comply with a takedown you hope they'll be imprisoned, killed, or tortured by their country of origin

and so yeah okay thanks for making that clear

(also thx for the link @Claire)

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Footsteps on carpet. A heavy oak door creaks open.

"Sir? You requested to be notified in person in the event…"

"It's finished?"

"It's finished. So they tell me."

"It's about damn time."

"Honestly, I don't understand half of what the lab crew is talking about. The Fence was one thing, losses have statistically been down on site, but this… It's fighting a basic fact of existence, isn't it? Like trying to make water run uphill."

"You're young, Gemma. Believe me, it wasn't always like this. Practically never happened. One in a million, when I was your age. If that. We never even realized that it was going on. But it accelerated, Gemma. These days… how many have you known? Just this year?"

"Eighteen this year, sir. Including my brother."

A meaty fist slams a thick leather desk topper.

"Eighteen! Too many! And I… I've lost count, myself. They just bring me the daily stats now, and I suffer with each one. Numbers like those shouldn't have that many digits. But no more. No more!"

A moment of quiet.

"What are your instructions, sir?"

"Get the prime and standby teams ready. Tell them the Auger facility is finally online, and tell them to say their goodbyes, just in case. Warm up the support and medical groups — who knows what we're going to get back?"

The sound of pen on paper.

"There. Official orders. Whatever happens, happens in my name, and future generations can judge me for what I did to get us here. But it stops today, Gemma. From now on, when someone gets isekaied… we're going to go in after them. And we're going to get them back."


Simulcast begins November 2021.

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“But doctor,” she says, hitting him over the head with the UCSF/Endocrine Society/WPATH guidelines she printed out just to bring to her appointment, “*you’re* Pagliacci!”

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new stock romantic archetype for the 2020s:

starts off strong, with unsustainable but impressive romantic hyperfocus. perfect dates. home baked snacks. long 3am chats.

and then something comes up, and she genuinely, if hopefully temporarily, forgets you exist. she thinks your last real date was three weeks ago. it was three months.

be patient with the ADHDere, if you can. she might be worth it.

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the hospital has an on-call ethicist, and I am not sure if I'll be able to resist calling them and being like "so i'm at some trolley tracks, right?" for DAYS I have to not call them for DAYS

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voice resources for trans people on T 

Here is a fantastic dissertation from 2018 all about how the voice changes on T, and how to take care of it. It has a timeline of what changes happen in each month, and instructions for voice exercises.

Tessa M. Romano, "The Singing Voice During the First Two Years of Testosterone Therapy: Working with the Trans or Gender Queer Voice."

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I think it's very cute and good that sometimes cats clearly just want to talk to you

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"CatMeows: A Publicly-Available Dataset of Cat Vocalizations"

(How long until there's a fedibot with Meow on the Hour?)

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man i'm sick of interacting with these corporate systems, wish i could totally divest myself of all need to do so, but they're really embedded in The Society We Live In so that sucks some serious ass

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Latest stage capitalism 

Omg, what is we KISSED🙀 in the mandatory corporate wellness box

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if only i could actually truly be myself. if only there were no borders and no nations. if only we lived in a better and free society. if only i had actual personal freedom. if only i could express my genuine opinions without endangering me or my friends. if only i had a future.

i want a better world, collectively we can fight for it.


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she’s short circuiting because there are birds outside two different windows and she doesn’t know which one she wants

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"Replace the 500 HTTP status message with The Bees They're In My Eyes in all your favourite web servers"

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Tired: cisphobia is real and it's a problem

Wired: cisphobia isn't real

Inspired: cisphobia isn't real but I wish it was

Admired: cisphobia is real and I'm cisphobic

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