I gotta gotta gotta get back to cooking again. It's tough to find that groove again and this week has been extra rough.


Mm, I know how that goes.. I've sort of been cooking more lately, especially now I can sometimes focus on a particularly good star ingredient now and then, but I don't think I've really found that groove again yet.

@porsupah i think I'm just going to have to bruteforce it. get a bunch of recipes and just start making things even if the spark doesnt hit me. but even that I think will be ok



That seems fair. ^_^ Dishes don't have to be complex to be delicious, after all - can just toss some elements you enjoy together, like various vegetables, mushrooms, rice, beans, etc and whatever sauce or seasonings takes your fancy.

It can sometimes help, as I noted, if you've got a really good star ingredient - that can help fuel inspiration, or even just a sense of obligation to do it justice. ^_^

And of course, premade stuff can be a huge help - I've been using some lovely tortelloni, and that can go with just some sliced mushrooms, petits pois, sweetcorn, or whatever combo's striking my fancy, or even a full-on tomato sauce with a tin of good chopped tomatoes and herb it up heartily. =:9

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