mola really doesn't mind this but gosh the expression says otherwise doesn't it

selfie ec 

Feeling cute, might delete later

selfie ec 

oh no I am accessorizing now

visible stereotype count rising

selfie, ec 

here is as much visibility as I'm comfortable with today

selfie, ec 

small little trip downtown. walked around a little. nice day once the rain stopped :)

Not that it matters, I suppose. The bed has been Claimed now.

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selfie, ec 

it's been a while since photo! here, photo.

selfie, eye contact 

real sleepy girl hours

And there's *snow*! I do love a "white Christmas".

selfie, ec 

Still cold! But happy. And happy has its own warmth. :3

selfie, ec 

little bit overwhelming morning this morning with work bleedover to weekend. relaxing now. nice book (not pictured). sweater. blanket (also not pictured). no tasty warm beverage, but working on that.

selfie, ec 

wearing my nice earrings for the first time today! benefits of finally having the original studs I had finally loosening up enough to remove lol

selfie, no eye contact, πŸ”πŸ†— 

looks nice with filter

She was so hungry but also didn't want to let me out of the shower

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