@the it honestly seems a bit ymmv from folks I've talked to but whew it got me last night lol

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How ppl have disappointed me:
- voting for fascists
- misgendering/deadnaming
- criticising BIPOC movements
- whitewashing

Things that are never disappointing:
- forgot to reply to msg, or no energy to
- replied late
- not in the mood for sex/some other activity
- wanting attention
- feeling jealous/insecure
- negative feelings in general
- want to spend time alone/with somebody
- not being the ideal activist/lover/friend etc.

the latter are not moral failings, therefore never disappointing.

@porsupah my vague knowledge of tomato varieties really came in handy here but dang I still got a lot wrong @.@

you ever just...

think about girls?

I was kinda sick the last couple days. But like, emotionally, Okay.

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I just want to see where my ink is and also where my book is ugh

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selfie, ec 

Went for a lovely walk today. Lots of great pictures which I will post later. I just need to run them thru Darktable first, lol

@the biggest thing is not to associate your email or phone number that you use on any other social media. Isolating in a separate tab container or private window to avoid cookie stuff probably also good

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In response to this Twitter thread about horny Victorian calling cards, a solution to the awkwardness of 21st-century queer dating

selfie, ec 

@porsupah oo! Planning a specific color?

Going to a park today, was hoping to get there by sunrise to get the pictures... But I slept til 4:30 and then turned around cause I forgot my water bottle. Ugh

@porsupah ha!! I'll have to poke at it...cause dang is it ever an annoyance sometimes

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Relating to women β†’ gender euphoria
Relating to queer women β†’ GENDER EUPHORIA

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So the Netflix twitter account posted a thread about watching The Matrix through a trans lens and kind of just held everyone’s hand to show them some obvious (and less obvious) examples.

However the real meat of this meal is in all the cis tears in the replied complaining about the very idea that this movie could have trans themes. These people are SO MAD about it, and I love it. I want to fuck with every movie these assholes have ever enjoyed.

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