Today could have been better but I will sleep and wake up to a new day and maybe it'll be an improvement :)

This last little while I've been staggeringly happy but also staggeringly unproductive

Not a fun night after all but honestly it could be a lot worse so, eh?

I think maybe it's explains in part why I'm so invested in the game, idk

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ffxiv is I think the first rpg with character customization I've played where I specifically created my character originally as a standin representation of myself rather than a character on its own

@porsupah oh heavens πŸ˜† I don't *think* this will be an issue, anyway

my less-cuddly cat just jumped up in my lap for pets which I really really wasn't expecting

If I had just used from the get-go I could have saved myself so much headache through the last like three years.

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Trying to consolidate email is fun! One more address to do as I'd like to eventually clean up and retire my account (and eventually the entire domain) and then I'll be back down to one email address again, finally.

ugh! today has been Really Big Vague Dysphoria Hours all day and I'm pretty unhappy about it

Happy new year. I slept well, for a change; my neck pain is nearly gone today; and I had the most wonderful dream. A good start

@Manurweibling this explains....a lot, tbh, I'd never thought of it this way

getting worse but hopefully a good night's sleep will help later

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My neck has been sore all day ughhhh


blood work after moving to 200mg progesterone shows E levels *lower* at trough and T *higher*, don't love that

I was trying to figure out if antihistamines would have an impact cause I just switched from Claritin to Zyrtec on doctor's rec but good lord I don't understand what I've been reading about CYP3A4 inducers

Eh, most of the day wasn't great after all. But the evening was wonderful which was a fantastic counterbalance

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