Still running. Further and faster than last week. Feels good.

verdict: toot! for ios was worth four bucks. consolidating into one app is nice and it's pretty dang easy to use this one

@tootapp *awesome*. none of the free apps i tried did, so this is an Extremely Big Deal. purchasing now, and thank you so much for the speedy response! :)

@tootapp question: app description mentions multi-account support. can i set up multiple accounts on the same instance? as a self-hosted user this is important to me, and i wanted to check before I spent $5 :)

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@the heckin dang, that top is great on you

@eurasierboy Is there any plan for Amaroq to support multiple accounts on the same Mastodon instance? I know I can set up accounts on different instances and switch between but running a single-user server with two accounts seems not to work with this.

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"haha i'm white i guess i don't really have a culture" yes, we do, and it is deeply diseased. it is rotted, it is pestilent, it is metastatic, and its cornerstone, its very fundament, is exploitation

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ugh was gonna post post-run selfie but the picture I took makes me feel bad :( blahhhhhh

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Good morning I just ran at a steady pace of 10:20/mile for 15 minutes. I was, uh, not expecting that pace. Dang.

@the I do not think you are. 💛

I also have a doctor's visit tomorrow. Busy day.

Rest day today was perfectly timed - feels like the last lingering soreness should be gone tomorrow morning for the next run. Awesome.

I have played so much Satisfactory over the last three or four days. Tomorrow I'm planning to tear down 70% of my production structures and rebuild them so I can be more organized. It's fun as heck

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@jocelynk heck yeah, nice! i know exactly that tired as heck feeling you're talking about :)

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so like yeah, before you feel guilty for not feeling attraction to a trans person or go on a rant about how you shouldn't feel obligated to, please please take a deep breath and consider that all trans people are saying is "don't make assumptions about our bodies/behavior" and "don't invalidate other people's identities for dating trans folks". ok thanks

Summer has arrived, and with it Cat Obstacle Course Days have begun.

Tomorrow is rest day anyway so this should all work out

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