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the slow consolidation of my web presence under one domain continues. all of my domains' mail services are now routed through

woke up this morning craving dominos pizza. i don't even like dominos pizza normally. augh brain i live in a city with a zillion good pizza choices why do you want that one

The lilac tree outside my back window is in bloom. Smells lovely :)

Oh dang I can put custom emoji on this thing heck yes

No iOS app that I can find has the ability to log into two accounts on the same Mastodon server simultaneously, which is too dang bad but understandable

administration question: Any way to mass-import an instance federation blocklist?

the mastodon adminstration and instance federation experience is so much better than pleroma that i'm ok with it in any case.

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it looks like not! but a t3.micro is, so i'll go with that.

it's weird because i wasn't out of swap or even out of ram but it was running like crap. oh well~

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Brief absence while I resize my Mastodon server - time to answer the question of "is a t3.nano with a gig of swap space enough to handle a whole Masto instance?"

yep! now i can see all your pretty avatars and my stuff is caching appropriately in s3

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oh! it's hsts, because i hadnt updated the route 53 record to use the cloudfront distribution instead of the s3 bucket directly, and s3 doesn't do ssl

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hmm. s3 object offloading still not working as expected.

i did it, friends. i'm on my own masto server now

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