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2.37 mi @ 8:36 min/mi. Kept the pace remarkably steady throughout

car is still being worked on. kinda wish I was doing something else with my day

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ran five miles. Glad I made it but it was rough.

selfie, ec 

"going to the office" outfit, because im not gonna concern myself about appearances if i have to go into the office.

hope they actually like, haul away the old one like i paid for and also help me lift the new one into my house, because the phone call i got yesterday sure sounded like they didn't want to

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i've spent like three hours on the phone trying to get a hold of the people delivering my refrigerator today and no dice

it's warm out again, so i got out one of the summery light dresses i bought last summer and uh, i weigh about the same but the dress hangs entirely differently. guess maybe my body shape has changed more than i thought it did in the last year? idk

3.57 miles @ 9:21 min/mi. Continuing to see improvement

scotus thoughts 

despite the jubilance, i definitely read the scotus decision today as specifically limited to workplace discrimination; i think Gorsuch was extremely clear about this!! however, because he was also so unequivocal in drawing lines directly between gender identity, sexual orientation, and sex discrimination, it's not too much of a leap to say that the same arguments can be applied elsewhere in civil rights litigation with positive results. so, on balance, really excellent!

Not gonna sleep on the rest of everything awful going on right now but this is a bright spot

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Scotus I was convinced it would be bad. I can let out that breath i was holding for the last like three months

2.41 miles in 20:34 πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ whew!

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why do girls have to be so cute. asking for a friend

evil genius 2 trailer got me thinking. what are some of the games that you go back and play more or play again years later

some of mine:

- evil genius
- freelancer
- xcom / xcom 2
- ff9
- uplink
- possibly satisfactory eventually, too early to say

it'd be nice to just feel a regular amount of whelmed again, a little too much whelm these days

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