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Here is an obligatory picture of the culprit taken immediately after her crime.

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My cat ripped a heckin big hole in my window screen this morning. She's tried to jump through the closed window a few times so I really should have known better.

whew wonder how long my instance was down due to invalid cert yikes

time to get those cron jobs set up

two years ago today I finally realized I was a girl, and it's been a pretty good two years, I'd say

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*steals your seat as soon as you get up*

hey! this is my seat now. am comfy. pls find another

Every morning when I get dressed :cinder: rolls around on the bed soliciting affection, it's adorable and never gets old

Last night I had the best dream I've had in months. It was lovely.

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How ppl have disappointed me:
- voting for fascists
- misgendering/deadnaming
- criticising BIPOC movements
- whitewashing

Things that are never disappointing:
- forgot to reply to msg, or no energy to
- replied late
- not in the mood for sex/some other activity
- wanting attention
- feeling jealous/insecure
- negative feelings in general
- want to spend time alone/with somebody
- not being the ideal activist/lover/friend etc.

the latter are not moral failings, therefore never disappointing.

you ever just...

think about girls?

I was kinda sick the last couple days. But like, emotionally, Okay.

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I just want to see where my ink is and also where my book is ugh

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selfie, ec 

Went for a lovely walk today. Lots of great pictures which I will post later. I just need to run them thru Darktable first, lol

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In response to this Twitter thread about horny Victorian calling cards, a solution to the awkwardness of 21st-century queer dating

Going to a park today, was hoping to get there by sunrise to get the pictures... But I slept til 4:30 and then turned around cause I forgot my water bottle. Ugh

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