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this one had a lovely morning getting damp and yelling in the bathtub during my first work calls this morning

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my birthday's coming up soon so I bought a fancy electric kettle with temperature controls and now I can make green tea without scorching it

Cats woke me up bright and early today. They must be so excited to be home after their week away

Yesterday was rough emotionally but I'm doing great today so yay I suppose!

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Yeah. More than once I've wondered what we'd do if Google did to activitypub what they did to email/xmpp, ie launch a service that uses activitypub, but eventually extends it and starts closing out the decentralized players more and more. It's embrace, extend, extinguish all over again.

Getting and using an activitypub account has to be as easy as possible for average people, without relying on surveillance industry players if we don't want to go the same way eventually.

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Repost of something I put on Twitter, in response to a post about "Shuttering Google Reader Killed Blogging"

a repeat mistake: being excited about a decentralized system's success because a big player moves in, becoming reliant on it, not providing a better alternative, big player leaves, decentralized system dies from shock

see also xmpp and gtalk

hoping to do better...

I've hit the point of investment in ffxiv where I have too many things to do every day and it's only going to get worse from here because top of the list is saving for a house now

selfie, ec 

Like look at that shiiiiine augh

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Switched conditioners today and my hair hasn't ever felt this good save for salon visits heck dang

I'm awake and that seems bad. Feeling vaguely sick :(

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software take:

`curl https://[...] | sh` is not any more insecure than any other method of installing software. if you don't trust the person distributing that software to not try to own you through the install script, *why are you installing their software*

it's not like `tar xvf blah.tgz; ./configure; make; make install` is any more secure, unless you want to pretend like you're reading those configure and makefiles

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You stand before this court accused of felony gender in the first degree. How do you plead?

Here is an obligatory picture of the culprit taken immediately after her crime.

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My cat ripped a heckin big hole in my window screen this morning. She's tried to jump through the closed window a few times so I really should have known better.

whew wonder how long my instance was down due to invalid cert yikes

time to get those cron jobs set up

two years ago today I finally realized I was a girl, and it's been a pretty good two years, I'd say

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*steals your seat as soon as you get up*

hey! this is my seat now. am comfy. pls find another

Every morning when I get dressed :cinder: rolls around on the bed soliciting affection, it's adorable and never gets old

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