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I've been posting less because i feel worse

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Alright, I wrote a long thing, and I am going to publicly post the link.

This started as a two sentence mastodon post...and then I just kept going.

It isn’t a sharp polished piece, but merely a look into my head right now as I exist as a white trans lesbian in the PNW of the US.

If we sat down and had a conversation, and you just let me talk for 10 or 15 minutes, this is what I might say, except I would say “like” a lot.

Content warnings for fascism, transphobia, cults, GRS, USpol, and just general darkness.

I am not really even sure who the audience for this piece is, beyond people who are interested in what I think.

I do want to say that yes, this country has always been terrible. Yes, every president was bad (a children’s book I want to write someday, btw). But I don’t think that any of the awfulness of history precludes the possibility that we are hanging on a new precipice now.

Is it allergy season right now? I have never had to deal with allergies before but the last 4-6 weeks have brought a bunch of allergy-adjacent symptoms

sometimes i feel like things would be a lot easier if i were ace

but i'm not!

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my mom used to yell at me for spending too much time on the internet. "how are you gonna make friends if all you do is hang out in front of the computer?!"




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what people think programming is: beep boop i do precise calculations using the power of brain science

what programming actually is: somebody asked me to do something stupid so now i have to think of the smartest way to do the stupid thing that wont get me fired

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you: “catlike reflexes”
my cat: (falls off the couch while lying down)

I picked up my cat to show her to the person on this video call but every time I put her between the phone and my wireless router the connection got all fuzzy

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also the first time i've had wine in like 8 months, and probably the last for another 8 months vOv

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glass of wine and watching but im a cheerleader and having feelings. what kind of feelings? dunno! it's weird to cry and not be able to put an emotion to it

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self reminder. maybe for you too 

it's okay to take up space in other people's life and in conversation. is okay to ask for attention. is okay to initiate contact.

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proposal: one week of summer every three months, winter is just december, and other than that it just switches straight from spring to autumn

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i don't know why people keep claiming Brood War is well-balanced, when it's transparently obvious that the Protoss got screwed in the most important area:


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Lesbians living with their girlfriend and their cats

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