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things are okay here but I keep calling asleep and I need to be awake for two hours more

I'm tired and have a bad migraine and I'm still thinking about fixing code issues and server issues for some reason. sucks

my instance ran out of space. oops

Also -- finally removed the cabinet that was blocking me from moving my fridge flush with the wall. Kitchen feels way more spacious now.

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made eggnog today! Excited to see how it comes out tomorrow -- want to give the rum time to kill any potential bacteria

today's Google outage has me thinking about my matrixchat server again

had a doctor visit this morning. Weird but also neat to talk to more than one person face to face

Still being active today. Good. Just gotta stick with it!

selfie, ec 

Still cold! But happy. And happy has its own warmth. :3

6 years from now watch me move somewhere equatorial just so I can do the running thing year round lol. I really did find it relaxing and positive and easy to build the habit. Having a concrete structured plan helped too

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Summer running was my best run at it so far I think but that got obliterated by emotional stuff. But maybe I can use the winter to build a baseline where I'm not starting completely from scratch again next spring.

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One of these days I'll be able to actually build consistent and positive fitness habits. Maybe today will actually be the start of that. But judging by history....well, we'll see.

very excited for four hours from now when I wake up excessively toasty

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doing the thing where no amount of blankets is enough again tonight, apparently

I was gonna upload a video but i apparently dont have my upload size set high enough on my masto server lol

Gonna have to fix that

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