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fun to recognize the emotional tailspin happening but not being able to do anything about it; also fun to have it be about things entirely outside my control

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i guess it is just too much to ask for events to eventuate at the pace i want them to but it's really, really, really tiring to have to keep *waiting* and i'm just. ugh.

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legit might just go to bed. 7:30? Doesn't matter. Sleep through time when I'd otherwise just be waiting.

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didn't really want to buy a new heat circulator pump for my boiler but I don't think I have a lot of choice in the matter

love to wake up to the cat staring right into my eyes from like two inches away

hi, cat

I really, really, really want some positive news tomorrow.

It's weird to be eager for weekends to *end*, but here we are.


ugh the last day or so i have just felt a wave of Incorrect and I Don't Like It!!

Sleepy, but working

This bodes well for Friday when I get to work overnight all night.....

Wanna hurry up and be irresponsible, smh.

craving that dopamine hit from a good email

i forgot to update my mastodon server ugh

hammering the refresh button on my email aaaaaaaa

my lap is now a timeshare for my cats

an afternoon for naps. since when do i nap?! apparently since now

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