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when when when when when when girls do the the thehthehte


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oh hey it is trans awareness week; however, I am very aware that I am trans all of the time, I do not need the week in addition.

thinking about getting out of bed but honestly what if I just stayed here and did cuddles for a few more hours

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The feminine urge to cancel all your plans in favour of going back to bed

one of the last pictures before next hair dye probably. Look forward to it!

I was going to set up matrix but matrix on arm seems frankly unmaintainable

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once Conduit implements Spaces it'll be fourteen times more usable

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Generic Anime Pitch Form

A transparent stand-in for a male viewer has to collect and control

◽️ magical creatures
◽️ historical figures
◽️ warships
◽️ gemstones
☑️ pieces of classical music
◽️ computer programs
◽️ guns

that are actually

☑️ conventionally attractive women


◽️ battlesuits
☑️ gothic lolita
◽️ schoolgirl uniforms
◽️ spandex
◽️ as little as possible

with the following personalities

☑️ tsundere
☑️ manic pixie dream girl
☑️ predatory lesbian
☑️ glasses
☑️ Mommy
☑️ emotionless except when convenient

to protect the world from

◽️ a vague evil force
◽️ his dad
☑️ another boring-ass boy but with a slightly different haircut

as a tie-in for

☑️ a terrible gacha-based mobile game

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Women want me, fish fear me. Mermaids are conflicted

lovely nights sleep two nights in a row? Think I might be back to where I need to be

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A website selling soap: your password is WEAK, you should try again with capital letters and lower case letters and numbers and special characters and no English words

My literal bank: whoa whoa whoa, you can't put special characters in your password! Who do you think you are, the Riddler

I will default to the Fellow Stagg but it is so....Idk, utilitarian

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need recs for pour over that are 1) not paper filter and 2) aesthetically pleasing

a good cuddle has done wonders, I am definitely recharged though I'm not 100% sure how full the battery is

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imo when girls are really passionate about something and Have to tell you about it and they are really excited and they have this thing in their eyes and

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