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this angle looks good on me dang

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so I went back to proper progesterone administration a week or so ago and I forgot that when I do this monthly cycle symptoms get way amplified so last night I was in an awful mood for no reason that I could figure out and then this morning I woke up super crampy and it all made sense

'21: best year of my life, easily

that said, I'm legit optimistic for '22 to be even better, which is saying something

Anyone else doing Wordle? I just started, seems very fun.

A good three hour nap but I feel more tired now than before! Just need time to wake up I think.

I also didn't get to watch any movies tonight, because I accidentally broke my plex server somehow. Rough evening, honestly.

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i didn't get to play my video game tonight, blah.

slow cookers make the best air fresheners

I thought I was going to get back to sleep! I had some really good cuddles going and was starting to feel drowsy and then the brain just started spinning again and, wel'p

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so this thing keeps happening where I wake up after like 3 or 4 hours of sleep, and am Very Awake, and I do not care for it

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my favorite part of being trans is before you realize you are trans when you're like "god i wish i was trans. being trans would be so cool oh my god. sucks that that can't be me"

there's a cat in my spot on the bed and he's real cute but it's supposed to be my spot

last week after the first round with the fur squeegee I literally just sat on the floor all evening because I was so happy it was clean

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before new attachment: literally sobbing breakdowns as the roller gets clogged AGAIN; ninety minutes to do one floor of the house

after: it's been half an hour, the heavily carpeted main floor is pristine, I've done a set of stairs, working on the basement, smiling

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vacuuming is one of those things I wanted to get a lot better about and I think I'm doing an OK job now

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I got a pet hair attachment for my vacuum cleaner a week and a half ago and it's been lifechanging

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This. If you have knowledge you want to pass on, make a blog, a website on something.

Posting on things we have to get an app, sign in, find et and scroll for ages, is ensuring this knowledge will not spread.

Even Twitter is part of the problem

coffee this morning was a wild experience tbh, I was really out of it

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