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well, this is now my main social media platform!

been writing a lot of Javascript recently though which has been fun and kept my hand in

i was real mopey for a couple hours this evening. still don't really know why. once again amazed at my girlfriend's ability to pull me out of a funk like that, though; as i'm going to bed now feeling much better.

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People are really not realizing how fucking terrible the Musk era of Twitter is going to be. They see it as some amusing novelty, when it’s actually going to reveal how many places Twitter was actually making *good* choices β€” because those will end.

selfie ec 

hair refresh today πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› love it.

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yknow what's actually really cool and nice and attractive? caring about things

I was still thinking about this this morning

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wrote this for a personality quiz I did, please enjoy

alt text follows

really really bad nightmare this morning so I've been curating content from elsewhere on the internet to post at my friends and also doing some actual work so I can take a nap this afternoon

Question 8
the flaw in your heart:
Answer 1: the knife, twisting, stabbing
Answer 2: the sand grain, itching, distracting
Answer 3: the gear, emotionless, ticking
Answer 4: the engine, driving, screaming
Answer 5: the void, starving, encompassing
Answer 6: the jewel, crystalline, unchanging
Answer 7: the heart itself, yearning, unfulfilled
Answer 8: the voices, discordant, fractured

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wrote this for a personality quiz I did, please enjoy

alt text follows

new office chairs and it's SO MUCH NICER from a qol perspective

mola got her favorite toy back (tape roll) and has been playing with it and yelling at it all night
cute but loud

all the little finches and chickadees are out eating the birdseed this morning! I love it but it's only a matter of time before the grackle shows up lmao

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