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And finally got my account data from the birdsite. The curse has been broken, the accounts have both been deleted. I'm free.

legit i love being trans. and I love being a girl.

feelin' a little rough about weight stuff this morning, ugh!

I gotta gotta gotta get back to cooking again. It's tough to find that groove again and this week has been extra rough.

that's a really frustrating one for everyone involved

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another that i really need to solve: the thought of asking one of my partners for something gives me massive and overwhelming anxiety

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Not that the last few days haven't been emotionally turbulent, they absolutely have, but this is definitely one of the identifiable catalysts

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I'm finding that I have a lot of difficulty adjusting when plans change with very little notice. I had that happen today - invited to a meeting six minutes after it started when I thought I had a free hour to do other things - and it threw me entirely off emotionally

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inside you there are two wolves

one wants to use CamelCase in hashtags for accessibility reasons

the other is a disaster queer who only uses capitalization for Emphasis of Important Points

massive energy crash whew. just ran out of steam! busy, long day

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three discords. waiting on my Twitter data archives and then I am *gone*

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a few big Twitter accounts i was mutuals with posted their discord id's like "hey friend me if you want to keep in touch" and like, i am so worried about breaking the parasocial relationship barrier when it's not welcome

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so far today i've joined two discords, a forum, and posting fifteen times as hard as ever before over here

what fun we're having! what fun!!

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listen, i'm glad everyone is here/back but platform metacommentary alone won't be enough to make this stick. you need to start posting inane nonsense

what did you eat today. did you see any cool bugs

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you'd best start believing in federated social media networks that make you gayer the more you post

you're in one

selfie, eye contact 

hey, it's picture time!

twitter nonsense 

the galaxy brain take about the twitter thing is that elon bought twitter to protect transphobes after grimes left him for chelsea manning

the sad thing is this is 100% plausible

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chelsea manning is the ultimate american hero: leaked government secrets, transitioned, and stole an insufferable billionaire manchild's gf

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