idk, it's a standard masto instance so it will collect the same information as any other masto instance

i'm not gonna spam anyone or anything like that. my server log rotation policies are "when i remember to clean them out" so probably like quarterly or so, if you visit the website, that's how long your ip will be stored. if you hate this yell at me and i'll set up logrotate but quite frankly, effort

if you follow me your content might be cached on my server just like any other server you federate with, this is super normal so don't freak out, i'm not like tracking it it just goes into an S3 bucket and i even have it configured to age out eventually since this is such a small server it won't be a big load for me to do that

please remember that i love you all and try to adhere to the spirit of my root domain privacy policy if at all possible with everything i build, any deviations from this are just what comes with mastodon, it's not me i promise

hey did you know this field doesn't support just putting line breaks in? i had to add break tags myself. rude
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